Juan Pablo Council 14069 Officers

Elected Officers 2016-2017

Office Name Phone Email
Grand Knight Chris A. Agdeppa 630-362-2647 (R)
Financial Secretary David G. Macnak 630-543-8578 (R)
Deputy Grand Knight Michael E Di Capua 630-595-0211 (R)
Chancellor Nicolas Ocampo 312-375-1740 (R) HERMANIAOCAMPO@GMAIL.COM
Recorder James P. Ramey 847-909-1602 (R)
Treasurer Ken J Krause 630-473-7654 (R) N9KOQ@YAHOO.COM
Advocate Francisco Rodriguez 708-926-4065 (R) E.RODZ379@GMAIL.COM
Warden Kyle M Ciaramita 630-433-6767 (R)  KCIARAMITA@YAHOO.COM
Inside Guard
Outside Guard
One Year Trustee Unassigned
Two Year Trustee Charles H Seriano  630-417-9044 (R)  PATRICIASERIANO@YAHOO.COM
Three Year Trustee Guillermo Ruiz 630-624-0286 (R)
Chaplain Re. Luis Gutierrez 630-279-6553 (R)
Lecturer Unassigned


Service Program Personnel – 2016-2017

Office Name Phone Email
Program Director Chris A. Agdeppa 630-362-2647 (R)
Church Director Unassigned
Vocations Director Unassigned
Community Director Unassigned
Culture of Life Director Unassigned
Health Service Unassigned
Council Director Unassigned
Public Relations Unassigned
Family Director Unassigned
Youth Director Unassigned
Columbian Squires Unassigned
Membership Director Unassigned
Recruitment Committee 1 Unassigned
Recruitment Committee 2 Unassigned
Recruitment Committee 3 Unassigned
Retention Chairman Unassigned
Insurance Promotion Unassigned

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